Choreography Department

Choreography Department

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Choreography Department is a dynamic ecosystem, which acts as a platform for production, presentation and contextualization of dance in contemporary arts.


We believe choreography is a conscious expression of our human experience, vital to the evolution and transformation of free societies. It’s both an impressive force for good, and a catalyst of innovative spirits.

The art of dance and its artists are the lifeblood of our ethos and the inspiration behind our journey.


Choreography Department Association was launched in 2011 by a team of young Romanian choreographers, whose main purpose was to promote emerging dance artists to larger audiences. Its extended portfolio of activities reached and involved more than 150 artists, 70 dance performances and thousands of local and international dance audiences.

Since then, the organization has evolved constantly, due to the creative energies of its members.

Choreography Department is now a dynamic ecosystem, which acts as a platform for production, presentation and contextualization of dance in contemporary arts. Be it for existing or new, local or global audiences. Regardless of age, sex, nationality, cultural background, skills and training.


2018 First Prize in Arts and Culture section at the Civil Society Gala, ed. XVI

2018 Nomination at the National Cultural Fund Prizes

2017 Excellence award in the field of dance projects, offered by The Romanian Union of Choreographic Arts.


ALT National Choreography Competition

ALT National Choreography Competition is more than a contest, it’s an annual project that began in 2013 and today has grown into one of the most prestigious events of contemporary dance and performance in Romania, by bringing to the public’s attention the local and international dance artists.

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Dance District

This is the first long-term initiative of our organization. It began in 2012 and is still going on strong.

It started having in mind activities that will improve the Romanian dance scene, such as dance performances, urban choreographic interventions, workshops for children and adults, and it evolved into a platform with a multidisciplinary content and openness to innovation and experimentation.

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Movement and Color

Mișcare și Culoare este un program de educație prin cultură, conceput de Asociația Secția de Coregrafie în parteneriat cu Muzeul Național de Artă Contemporană.

Propunem un nou tip de educație culturală, care integrează dimensiunea cognitivă cu cea emoțională, kinestezică și de conștientizare a propriului corp ca instrument și ca subiect al exprimării prin artă

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One might say IronCage was a great contemporary dance show, full of energy and good vibes, marked by the creative spirits of both Spanish and Romanian dancers. We think it was much more than that. What started as a dream, turned out, in just a couple of months, to be a palpable reality.

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Edu-Creative Partners

Edu-Creative Partners was a laboratory for cultural projects created by teams of artists and teachers who have developed plans of art education for pupils and students during one school year time.

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Romanian Choreographers

Romanian Independent Choreographers is an international online platform, a showcase of independent choreographers, who activate in the fields of contemporary dance, performance art and theater.

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Contemporary Dance Days at The National Library

Collaborative projects are often stemmed from our desire to share dance with as many audiences as possible. We were thrilled to create for The National Romanian Library a series of events that offered to the public a clearer look at the new interferences between choreography, literature and visual arts.

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Stand up from the bench

Education as the basis of professionalization and evolution. This thought enlivened our dance education program, tailored for students from professional ballet high schools and children from state’s schools.

In the first phase, we worked with 32 dance students from the Choreography High School “Floria Capsali” – Bucharest and Arts HighSchool “Octavian Stroia” – Cluj to create a contemporary dance performance: “Collide”. Choreographed by Sandra Mavhima, assisted by Irina Strungareanu and Daniela Sima, the piece was created and perform on the live music of Temple Invisible @ Universul Palace in Bucharest.

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Sharing Experience

Sharing Experience was a one week project, envisioned as a forum for reviewing ways to cultivate the audiences, strengthening the relations with the community, develop effective models of arts organizations and help local artists to align with external trends.

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Sharing is always caring. DNA is the first Romanian online magazine dedicated to the choreographic art.

It’s naming is actually an acronym for dance, news and art, but it is also a metaphor of the human body DNA, and the way in which it imprints, through movement, both individual and collective identities.

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