Choreography Department

Choreography Department

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Soft Power

One might say IronCage was a great contemporary dance show, full of energy and good vibes, marked by the creative spirits of both Spanish and Romanian dancers. We think it was much more than that. What started as a dream, turned out, in just a couple of months, to be a palpable reality.

Panta Rei Dance Theatre, Sibiu Ballet Theatre and Choreography DepartmentNGO (ASC) together with choreographer Sandra Mavhima has joined forces to create a double-bill dance performance to target the issues at hand in the High Level Conference.

Dance and the arts are important tools for dialog when the aim is to go right to the heart of pressing social issues promoting emotional reactions in the spectator. Soft Power aims to leave the audience emotionally available and ready to dive in to the difficult but extremely important subject matters that the conference highlights.

There is a card following the performance, and the artists would like to ask of all the conference participants to send the card to a woman they think need or deserve the attention, reminding them that there are efforts made across nations to combat inequality and unjust behavior.

A High Level Conference organized in the context of the Romanian Presidency to the EU Council,http://https://vimeo.com/367440422

Towards a Europe free from violence against women and girls
– The Istanbul Convention creating a new horizon
And a paradigm change for all stakeholders!

Date: 4th – 6th of June 2019
Place: Novotel Hotel, Bucharest, Romania
Host: The National Agency for Equal Opportunities for Women and Men in Romania – in cooperation with the Norwegian Ministry of Justice and Public Security, and the Commission for Citizenship and Gender Equality in Portugal.
Supported by: EEA and Norway Grants
Moderator: Ms. Asta B. Lydersen, Norwegian writer, moderator and senior communications advisor.